Roof Insurance Claims


Damaged Roof? We'll help you file a Claim with Your Homeowners Insurance

Consult with SmartHome Roofing & Improvement immediately following an incident that causes damage to your roof, generally due to strong storms, hail, wind, and debris. We’ll work alongside you to create a claim to cover the cost of repairs.

We’re here to step you through the homeowner insurance claim process when bad weather or damage happens. Our goal is to completely cover or substantially offset the repairs you must pay out-of-pocket costs. Here is how SmartHome Roofing assists our clients:

  • Damage Documentation – A certified SmartHome representative will look for signs of damage during an inspection of your roof, attic, and home. We photograph, document, and report any signs of damage.
  • Contact Your Homeowners Insurance – We’ll send our comprehensive report to your homeowners’ insurance agent. We’ll submit a detailed report of the extent of the damage. In addition, your insurance agency may send an adjuster to your home to further inspect the damage and the cost of repairs.
  • File A Claim – SmartHome Roofing & Improvement has worked with several homeowners insurance agencies. Their process for submitting paperwork to file a claim differs. We’ll work on your behalf to ensure your claim is properly filed out to avoid delays.
  • Itemized Receipts – We document all temporary repair expenses while waiting for your claim to be approved. Temporary repairs may include but are not limited to tarping sections of your roof, patching, and tar paper to prevent further damage to your home. Your homeowners’ insurance can reimburse you for these expenses.
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